No ordinary charcoal grill cooks so perfectly, so easily.

The unique design of Quad makes outdoor cooking simple, and the results are simply delicious. Impress your friends and family with perfectly seared steaks. Explore new ways to cook over fire with the Quad wok. Create rice dishes, fire-cook pizzas and even bake bread with the versatile Quad Cooker.

Convenient: Quad reaches very high heat quickly and easily.
Versatile: Quad cooks four ways with grill, oven, pan and wok configurations.
Cool on the outside: Even at peak temperatures, Quad's outer block remains cool, making it safer for use around children.
Stylish design: No other charcoal grill offers the clean, modern look of the Quad.
Three-year warranty: We engineer our products to last, and we stand behind them with helpful customer service.
Made in USA: Every Quad Cooker is manufactured in America.

Learn more about what makes Quad different and order yours today.

Quad Cookers